$10 off Microsoft apparel and gifts

$10 off Microsoft apparel and gifts

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Now you can save on Microsoft apparel, “Geek” gear, and other goodies online with Microsoft Rewards. Unleash your inner geek (and dress your outer geek) with Microsoft t-shirts cleverly branded with your favorite Microsoft products. And for the friend who has everything, check out our line of Geek products. Microsoft merchandise: because you might need a pair of fold-up hipster sunglasses, an Xbox One controller pillow, or a “mouse” tin full of breath mints.

With t-shirts starting at just $9.95, redeeming your Microsoft Rewards points here can go a long way toward your online purchases. Get out there and earn, and start redeeming points for gift certificates you can use like cash online today.

Pro tip: to save even more, redeem your credits for multiple gift certificates and use all of them on one order to cover the cost of merchandise, shipping charges, and any U.S. sales taxes that may apply.

Browse great Microsoft apparel and gifts now.

Gift certificates cannot be used to cover VAT/import taxes & duties. Not redeemable for cash.